Invited "Super" poster session, 6:15 PM, Tuesday 21 May
Carmine Attanasio:  Proximity effect in noncentrosymmetric-superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid structures
Tomasz Cichorek:  Symmetry of order parameters in the multiband superconductors LaRu4As12 and PrOs4Sb12 probed by local magnetization measurements
Adrian Crisan:  Vortices in YBCO thin films with complex pinning structure investigated by AC susceptibility measurements
Vladimir Fomin:  Vortex matter in advanced superconductor nanoarchitectures
Vadim Geshkenbein:  Hall effect at the superconductor-Insulator transition
Taras Golod:  Planar Josephson junction as an element for novel superconducting devices
Gaia Grimaldi:  Vortex lattice instability in superconducting materials
Serghei Klimin:  Collective excitations in two-band Fermi superfluids at finite temperatures
Brigitte Leridon:  Interplay between superconductivity and charge-density-wave domains in La2-xSrxCu2O4 superconductors
Tadashi Machida:  Nature of the zero-energy vortex bound state in the superconducting topological surface state of Fe(Se,Te)
Salvatore Mesoraca:  Proximity effects in high-Tc superconductor/half-metallic ferromagnet vertical junction 
Grigorii Mikitik:  Critical current in thin flat superconductors with Bean-Livingston and geometrical barriers
Ivan Sadovskyy:  Large and uniform critical currents in finite magnetic fields
Alejandro Silhanek:  Electromigration in the dissipative state of high temperature superconducting bridges
Alexei  Vagov:  Exotic vortex matter and other spontaneously appearing patterns in superconductors between type I and II 
Joris Van de Vondel:  Nano-SQUIDs with controllable weak links created via current-induced atom migration
Artjom Vargunin:  0-π transitions and flux-flow resistivity in superconductor-ferromagnetsuperconductor
sandwich with Abrikosov vortices
Maciej Zgirski:  How to measure temperature by flipping a coin?
Ling-Feng Zhang:  Electronic properties of emergent topological defects in chiral p-wave superconductors and topological phase transitions in small disks