"Rising stars" poster session, 6:00 PM, Thursday 23 May
Halima Giovanna Ahmad:  Tuning of magnetic activity in spin-filter Josephson junctions towards spin triplet transport 
Morten Amundsen:  Vortex simulation with the Usadel equation
Alexander Backs:  Universal behavior of the transition to the intermediate mixed state in the type-II/1 superconductor niobium
Sylvain Blanco Alvarez:  Statistics of thermomagnetic breakdown in Nb superconducting films
Ievgenii Borodianskyi:  Josephson emission from Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ mesa structures
Loïc Burger:  Numerical investigation of critical states in superposed superconducting films
Qihong Chen:  Transport at the superconductor-normal junction in ionic gated MoS2
Wilmer Yecid Córdoba Camacho:  Quasi-one-dimensional vortex matter in superconducting nanowires
Maria D'Antuono:  Ferromagnetic and superconducting oxides 2DEG systems
Raí de Menezes:  Manipulation of magnetic skyrmions in chiral ferromagnetic and superconducting heterostructures
Marek Foltyn:  Flipping coin experiment for studying switching in Josephson junctions and superconducting wires
Jesus Gonzalez:  Modulaton of the superconducting properties of an ultrathin Pb island
Olena Kapran:  S/F/S Josephson junctions with a strongly ferromagnetic Ni barrier
Ahmed Kenawy:  Phase slips in voltage-biased superconducting rings 
Zefeng Lin:  An investigation on superconductivity of FeSe coated Nb structure 
Pablo Orus:  Vortex transport in superconducting W-C nanostructures
Ritika Pangothra:  Magnetic field induced 2D to 1D crossover in SNS Josephson junction arrays as revealed by mutual phase locking
Antonine Rochet:  Optical generation of single vortex/anti-vortex pairs in superconducting films
Victor Rollano:  Rectified superconducting vortex motion topologically protected by spin-ince nanomagnets
Daniele Torsello:  Transition from s ± to s ++ order parameter driven by disorder in Iron Based Superconductors
Albert Varonov:  Determination of effective Cooper pair mass by electrostatic doping of fluxoids of superconductor surface. Theory
Irene Zhang:  Imaging anisotropic vortex pinning in FeSe