Monday, May 20, 2019
8:00 AM -   Registration
9:00 AM 9:25 AM  Milorad Milosevic: Opening address
Coexistence and competition of orders [chair: Suderow]
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Isabel Guillamon:  Modifications in the superconducting gap and vortex lattice induced by the coexistence of superconductivity with charge and magnetic order 
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Dimitri Roditchev:  Quantum Turing-like patterns in the phase diagram of the magnetic superconductor EuFe2(As0.79P0.21)2
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Balazs Ujfalussy:  Unconventional pairing states from first principles
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Emergent phenomena in layered superconductors [chair: Blatter]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Hermann Suderow:  Characterizing and manipulating vortices in uniaxial superconductors in tilted magnetic fields 
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Simon Bending:  Tuning the Josephson vortex lattice structure with pancake vortices in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d single crystals
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Richard Klemm:  Microscopic model of the Knight shift in anisotropic superconductors
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Alexei Koshelev:  Quantum FFLO state in clean superconductors 
1:00 PM 2:00 PM   Lunch on site
Pinning in superconductors I [chair:: Konczykowski]
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Leonardo Civale:  Glassy and plastic vortex creep regimes in superconductors 
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Lance Cooley:  Experiments probing the boundaries of flux pinning in magnet conductors
2:50 PM 3:15 PM Martin Buchacek:  Signatures of strong pinning from current-voltage measurements
3:15 PM 3:40 PM Boris Maiorov:  Fast moving superconducting vortices and determination of the critical current in high pulsed magnetic fields
3:40 PM 4:20 PM   Coffee break
Pinning in superconductors II [chair: Civale]
4:20 PM 4:45 PM Teresa Puig:  New approaches in vortex pinning of high critical current YBCO nanocomposite films grown from chemical solutions: correlations with microstructure
4:45 PM 5:10 PM Tsuyoshi Tamegai:  Peak effects in heavy-ion irradiated NbSe2
5:10 PM 5:35 PM Benoît Vanderheyden:  Magnetic flux penetration in superconducting films with border defects
5:35 PM 6:00 PM Roland Willa:  Hessian character of pinning landscape
6:00 PM 6:15 PM   Meet the editors: Europhysics Letters
6:15 PM 8:00 PM   Welcome reception
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Ultrathin superconductivity [chair: Peeters]
9:00 AM 9:25 AM Irina Grigorieva:  Superconductivity in atomically thin crystals: the case of NbSe2
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Jonas Bekaert:  Hydrogen-induced high-temperature superconductivity in two-dimensional materials: the case of hydrogenated monolayer MgB2
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Yukio Hasegawa:  Roles of structural defects on vortices in atomically-thin superconductors
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Alex Gurevich:  Tuning vortex fluctuations and superconducting transitions in thin film bilayers
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Mesoscopic superconductivity [chair: Grigorieva]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Margriet Van Bael:  Phonon confinement in superconducting nanostructures
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Boldizsar Janko:  Network science approach to confined vortex matter
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Mauro Doria:  Surface effects on the definition of type 1 and 2 superconductors 
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Yosi Yeshurun:  Current-Induced Crossover of Flux Periodicity from h/2e to h/e in a Superconducting Nb Nano-Ring
1:00 PM 2:00 PM   Lunch on site
Novel vortex matter [chair: Janko]
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Victor Moshchalkov:  New forms of exotic vortex matter in superconductors
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Egor Babaev:   Broken time-reversal symmetry in s+ is and s+ id states of multi-band superconductors: vortices, skyrmions, domain walls and spontaneous magnetic fields. 
2:50 PM 3:15 PM Yonathan Anahory:  Observation of a gel of quantum vortices in a superconductor at very low magnetic fields
3:15 PM 3:40 PM Morten Eskildsen:  Structural transition kinetics and activated behavior in the superconducting vortex lattice
3:40 PM 4:20 PM   Coffee break
Novel Josephson phenomena [chair: Krasnov]
4:20 PM 4:45 PM Annica Black-Schaffer:  Josephson current from odd-frequency superconductivity in Weyl nodal loop semimetals
4:45 PM 5:10 PM Jan Aarts:  Chiral domain walls in micronstructured Sr2RuO4
5:10 PM 5:35 PM Xiao Hu:  Topological Josephson plasma in honeycomb junction array
5:35 PM 6:00 PM Vasily Stolyarov:  Josephson vortex generation and manipulation with a Magnetic Force Microscope
6:00 PM 6:15 PM   Sponsor's moment: LOT-Quantum Design
6:15 PM 9:00 PM   Invited "super" poster session with buffet and Antwerp beers
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Artificial superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids [chair: Bending]
9:00 AM 9:25 AM Wai-Kwong Kwok:  Vortex dynamics via in-situ magnetic texturing
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Alvaro Sanchez:  Controlling magnetic fields by superconductor-ferromagnetic hybrid metamaterials
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy:  Magnon-Fluxon interaction in a ferromagnet/superconductor heterostructure
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Ilya Eremin:   Magnetic chiral skyrmions at topological insulator surfaces and in proximity to a superconductor
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Vortices in magnetic systems [chair: Eremin]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Xiuzhen Yu:  Imaging various vortex-like magnetic textures by using atomic-resolution TEM
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Alexey Snezhko:  Emergent dynamics of active magnetic colloids
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Charles Reichhardt:  Skyrmion lattices in random and ordered potential landscapes
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Gleb Kakazei:  Overcoming the limits of vortex formation in magnetic nanodots
1:00 PM 2:00 PM   Lunch on site
2:00 PM 8:00 PM   Free discussions
8:00 PM 10:00 PM   Concert/Abrikosov prize ceremony/Reception
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Thursday, May 23, 2019
Innovative devices [chair: Aarts]
9:00 AM 9:25 AM Eli Zeldov:  SQUID-on-tip imaging of work and dissipation in the quantum Hall state
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Alexander Buzdin:  Spontaneous vortex state in spin-orbit coupled superconducting ring
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Anna Palau:  New functionalities for energy-efficient superconducting electronic devices
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Kazuo Kadowaki:  High resolution and high sensitivity molecular spectroscopy using THz emitters of high-Tc superconducting Bi-2212 mesa structures
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Topological superconductivity I [chair: Wen]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Michiel De Moor:  Majorana physics in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowires 
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Hong Ding:  Topological superconductivity and Majorana bound state in Fe-based superconductor
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Floriana  Lombardi:  Induced unconventional superconductivity in 3D Topological insulators  revealed by nanoscale Josephson junctions
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Lia Krusin-Elbaum:  New quantum anomalous Hall platform for chiral topological superconductivity
1:00 PM 2:00 PM   Lunch on site
Vortices in auxiliary systems [chair: Vinokur]
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Jo Verbeeck:  Experimenting with free space electron vortices
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Jacques Tempere:  Soliton decay into vortices in superfluid Fermi gases 
2:50 PM 3:15 PM David Neilson:  Superfluidity in bilayer graphene
3:15 PM 3:40 PM Vladimir Gladilin:  Vortex interactions and dynamics in polariton condensates
3:40 PM 4:20 PM   Coffee break
Phenomena at superconductor-insulator transition [chair: Melnikov]
4:20 PM 4:45 PM Valerii Vinokur:  Bose metal as a bosonic topological insulator
4:45 PM 5:10 PM Alexey Bezryadin:  Superconductor-insulator quantum transition in 1D chains of
superconducting islands 
5:10 PM 5:35 PM Beena Kalisky:  Imaging phase transitions with scanning SQUID
5:35 PM 6:00 PM Kui Jin:  A new superconductor in spinel oxides
6:00 PM 8:00 PM   "Rising Stars" poster session with buffet and poster competition
Friday, May 24, 2019
Josephson devices [chair: Zeldov]
9:00 AM 9:25 AM Vladimir Krasnov:  Abrikosov vortex as a Josephson phase shifter
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Francesco Tafuri:  Comparative study of dissipation in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Dieter Koelle:  Nanoscale devices fabricated by focused ion beam irradiation of YBCO thin films
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Javier Villegas:  Andreev reflection and electron interference in graphene/high-temperature superconductor junctions 
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Topological superconductivity II [chair: Lombardi]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Tristan Cren:  Vortex like pair of zero mode states in a 2D topological superconductor
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Hai-Hu Wen:  Vortex bound states and zero energy mode in FeTe0.55Se0.45 and Bi2Te3/FeTe0.55Se0.45
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Chen Chen:  Majorana zero mode in the vortex core of iron-based superconductor
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Mingliang Tian:  Quantum Transport Properties in Topological Semimetal PtBi 2 and pressure-induced multiband superconductivity
1:00 PM 2:00 PM   Lunch on site
Electronic properties of vortices [chair: Cren]
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Alexander Mel'nikov:  Electronic properties of vortex matter in nanostructured and hybrid superconducting systems
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Christophe Berthod:  Particle-hole crossover in the vortex cores of the multiband superconductor FeTe0.55Se0.45
2:50 PM 3:15 PM Masanori Ichioka:  Local electronic states around a vortex near the surface  in inclined magnetic fields 
3:15 PM 3:40 PM Ivan Maggio-Aprile:  A “BCS flavour” from vortex cores in a high Tc cuprate superconductor
3:40 PM 4:20 PM   Coffee break
Vortex dynamics [chair: Reichhardt]
4:20 PM 4:45 PM Yaroslav Tserkovnyak:  Putting charge-vortex duality to work in spintronics
4:45 PM 5:10 PM Jose Maria De Teresa:  Vortex in superconductors grown by Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition
5:10 PM 5:35 PM Denis Vodolazov:  Photon triggered instability of the flux flow regime in strongly disordered superconducting strip
5:35 PM 6:00 PM Mariela Menghini:  Vortex dynamics on superconducting and non-superconducting arrays
6:00 PM 7:00 PM   Steering committee meeting
7:00 PM 10:00 PM   Conference dinner & poster prizes
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Iron age surprises [chair: Banerjee]
9:00 AM 9:25 AM Sergey Borisenko:  Nematicity in iron-based superconductors from ARPES
9:25 AM 9:50 AM Nenad Lazarevic:  Frustration and fluctuations in FeSe: A Raman scattering study
9:50 AM 10:15 AM Atsutaka Maeda:  Synthesis and physical properties of FeSe1-xAex (A=Te, S) epitaxial films
10:15 AM 10:40 AM Yanwei Ma:  Transport properties and flux pinning analysis of high-performance Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 superconducting tapes
10:40 AM 11:20 AM   Coffee break
Pinning in superconductors III [chair: Borisenko]
11:20 AM 11:45 AM Marcin Konczykowski:  Interplay of weak collective and strong pinning regimes in iron based superconductors tuned by disorder
11:45 AM 12:10 AM Zhixiang Shi:  Flux pinning and vortex dynamics of iron-based superconductors
12:10 PM 12:35 PM Satyajit Banerjee:  Disorder induced lowering of vortex dimension in Pnictide superconductor and precipitation of thermal melting of a dilute vortex solid phase
12:35 PM 1:00 PM Yanina Fasano:  Unveiling the vortex glass phase in the surface and volume of a type-II superconductor
1:00 PM 1:15 PM   Closing remarks
1:15 PM 3:00 PM   Buffet and free discussions